The Grand Strand – Myrtle Beach

The famous Grand Strand is definitively one of the most beautiful and most attractive places on the American Atlantic Coast and Myrtle Beach is situated in the middle of The Grand Strand.

The Grand Strand – Myrtle Beach

What is more, Myrtle Beach is the most vibrant section with numerous attractions and vast activities in the Grand Strand. Hence, these are the two main reasons for Myrtle Beach’s fast development since millions of tourists from all parts of the USA and abroad regularly visit this small Atlantic heaven. But if you are still not convinced how beneficial and extraordinary the beach is, we will highlight to you just some of the major attractions that will surely lure you to this wonderful seaside City. Enjoy!

Myrtle Beach The Grand Strand Pier

Where is Myrtle Beach? – The Pearl of The Grand Strand

The magnificent Myrtle Beach is actually a man-made island just off the US mainland along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In the last few decades, it has become one of the fastest growing tourist centers in the entire East Coast mainly due to an amazingly pleasant climate and even better beaches. Over the time, Myrtle Beach has become one of the hottest tourist centers with a wide range of numerous activities.

What Can You Do There? – A Place You Can Never Be Bored

A day should definitively be longer than 24 hours when you are in Myrtle Beach because apart from the regular beach and water activities, there are many other great things you can do. Carolina Wake Sports is the best place for all types of water activities, sports, games and similar ventures. Myrtle Beach is also a home to various golf courses but you can also exercise a bit by going to a mini-golf course at the Mount Atlanticus.

If you are fond of nature, fishing or camping, then Myrtle Beach State Park is a place for you. Kids usually love the place since they can learn a lot about dolphins, sea turtles and other fish, birds, and animals. Medieval Times is a venue perfect for family trips where you can have a nice dinner and enjoy the different shows that include horses and swordplay.

Myrtle Beach The Grand Strand City View

Walk, Talk and Admire – Major Attractions in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has beautiful beaches but this small city has a lot more to offer than just various water activities. The absolute favorite of most of the visitors is unquestionably the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. This 190 feet tall Ferris wheel is the second highest in all of North America, and since it was built in 2011, has become the major attraction in Myrtle Beach. People just adore it for it provides the absolutely unique view on the entire region.

Barefoot Landing is another cool place to visit in Myrtle Beach. It is similar to the Broadway on the Beach, but Barefoot Landing is more concentrated on the amazing natural habitat of the Myrtle Beach and hence is a bit more of a quiet area, more suitable for families. There is a high number of dining and shopping possibilities here, and of course many cool attractions. Ghosts and Legends Theater, as well as Alligator Adventure or MirrorMaze, are some more of the most popular attractions, and when it comes to activities filled with adventure there is always the Barefoot Princess. Which is actually a riverboat experience during which you can have a nice dinner (perhaps dine on the local fish specialties) and enjoy the view of the beautiful Myrtle Beach surroundings.

Altogether, Myrtle Beach holds the title of the hottest destinations in the USA and there are many good reasons to visit, and these were just some of the things you can do and see while staying in South Atlantic’s Tourist Gem!